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East Coast Reflector Newsletter - November 22, 2021

This is our third edition of the ECR Newsletter.  Thanks to those who have contributed.  We have a few new 
columns in the works that should be in future newsletters soon.  I hope you are all enjoying reading what we
 have put together each week.  Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to mikeshf(at)yahoo(dot)com.


If you would like your birthday to be recognized on the air and in the newsletter, please send your name,
callsign, and birthdate to mikeshf(at)yahoo(dot)com.

                                   Frank, KD2WIR of Sayville, NY - November 22
                                   David, K7DR of Sterling Heights, MI - November 22
                                   Roger, KO4QMM of Umatilla, FL - November 23
                                   Bernie, W2FIX of Attica, NY - November 23
                                   Ken, KE2SR of Depew, NY - November 24
                                   Derby Dan, KD2VNU of Derby, NY - November 26

                 Happy Birthday to you all!


Many thanks to all who checked in to the Morning Brew.  

Below are just some of the questions and answers from last week.  Here is a breakdown:

What class amateur radio license do you currently hold?
     Technician 30 -- General 25 -- Extra 23

How many years have you been a licensed ham?
     0-10 Years 56 -- 11-20 Years 5 -- 21-30 Years 12 -- 31-40 Years 6 -- 41-50 Years 5 -- 50+ Years 2
     Zero to Ten Years breakdown --> 0-1 Years 31 -- 2-5 Years 12 -- 6-10 Years 13

What is your favorite ethnic food?
     Mexican 15 -- Italian 11 -- German 6 -- Chinese 3 -- Indian 3 -- Everything 2

In baseball, should they keep the designated hitter or eliminate it?
     Eliminate It 13 -- Keep It 11 -- Don't Know 6

On a bagel, do you prefer cream cheese or butter?
     Cream Cheese 33 -- Butter 19 -- Both 9 -- Neither 4

Are you retired or still working?
     Working 26 -- Retired 21 -- Semi-Retired 2

Besides Amazon, what website do you use when you want to make a purchase?
     None 14 -- eBay 12 -- HRO 8 -- Manufacturer 5 -- Walmart 4 -- DX Engineering 2 

Have you ever been to our Zoom Room?
     Yes 21 -- No 8

Only answers with a count of 2 or more have been listed.  As always, thanks to Derby Dan, KD2VNU, for tallying
all of the answers from the past week.


This Wednesday, November 24th, will be our 100th edition of the Morning Brew!  A tremendous thank you goes out
to all of you who have checked in and supported the Brew over these past few months.  We have had a blast
operating the net and hope to continue to do so well into the future.  As a token of our gratitude, we are
doing a drawing on Wednesday.  One lucky ham who checks in on Wednesday will be selected at random to win a
special one-of-a-kind Morning Brew coffee mug commemorating the celebration of the 100th Brew.  We will
contact the winner, and this keepsake will be mailed out shortly thereafter.  Make sure you check in on
Wednesday to be eligible to win, and good luck to you all.  Once again, thank you all for your continued


You know it is near impossible to check your radio unless you have it in your hand. (If you want to FED X it 
over that can be done.  I don’t understand why so many people ask to have listeners to check their radio.
About the only thing I know happening with their radio is, if I hear them, their radio put out a signal that
gets into the system. Now the quality of that signal is important. Might I suggest that instead of a radio
check radio check one says SIGNAL REPORT PLEASE. Also realize that signal on the ECR which  one person hears
every listener hears the same, if your node and or repeater, is properly adjusted. I cannot hear something
clearer than someone 1,000 miles away.


Are you just a ham that listens and operates on the ECR and not a part of any associations? If so then this
little section is for you. 

Are there any aspects/areas of the hobby that take your particular interest such as Morse Code, Contesting,
QRP (low power) operations, enjoy working DX (distance) stations? Or do you have faith? There are
associations that you can join and be a part of, even if you are just starting out into these aspects. 

Most associations allow anyone from all over the world to join and if you have an interest and would like to
join a group and don’t know where to start then feel free to drop me an email (which is on

Please note: some organisations do charge fees and range in price but they are normally very small amounts.


          Thu Dec 2nd 8PM - History of Amateur Radio Newsline, presented by Paul Braun, WD9GCO
          Wed Dec 6th 8PM - The K3LR Story, presented by Tim Duffy

Join us on both of these nights for some interesting presentations followed by Q&A sessions.  Please visit to access our Zoom Room.

From The ARRL Letter for November 18, 2021

Russia tested an anti-satellite weapon on November 15, destroying Kosmos 1408, one of its own old and now-
defunct satellites. Launched in 1982, Kosmos 1408 was some 300 miles above Earth. Its destruction generated a
debris field in low-Earth orbit that prompted the seven International Space Station crew members, including
one Russian cosmonaut, to take cover in their crew capsules for several hours, in case they had to abandon the

"The [ISS] is passing through or near the cloud every 90 minutes, but the need to shelter for only the second
and third passes of the event was based on a risk assessment made by the debris office and ballistics
specialists at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston," NASA Chief Bill Nelson explained. Occupants of the
Chinese space station are reported to have taken similar action.

The incident also has generated criticism from many corners, as well as a grave discussion on the possible
impact of any future such tests, by Russia or anyone else.

The danger of damage to the ISS or an orbiting satellite aside, tracking a debris field that could include
thousands of pieces, in order to head off collisions, is a concern all its own. Very small debris in space is
essentially impossible to track reliably, if at all. The incident also comes at a time when the number of
spacecraft orbiting Earth continues to grow. AMSAT President Robert Bankston, KE4AL, said that Russia's
action will pose a threat to all activities in low Earth orbit for years to come, placing satellites and
human spaceflight missions at risk.

"Space is already crowded, but now there are at least 1,500 trackable fragments and, possibly, hundreds of
thousands of smaller yet still-threatening pieces of debris in low-Earth orbit," Bankston said. "While space
stations have the capability to move out of the way, with sufficient notice, most satellites in low-Earth
orbit, including those designed, built, launched, and operated by AMSAT, do not. As such, they face greater
risk of catastrophic destruction or degraded mission functionality, if struck by fragments from Russia's
destruction of Kosmos-1408."

Bankston said AMSAT is closely monitoring the situation and hoping for the best.

Nelson echoed Secretary of State Antony Blinken in expressing his own outrage at Russia's action. "Their
actions are reckless and dangerous threatening as well the Chinese space station and the taikonauts on
board," he said.

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington condemned the incident as "irresponsible" and noting that orbital debris
fields pose a threat to hopes for the peaceful use of space and "make the work of using space complicated and
difficult," he said in a statement. "No one owns space," Simington said. "And no one should intentionally
make it more difficult to use."

The FCC has made it clear that orbital debris rules apply to amateur satellites, in general requiring
submission of an orbital debris mitigation plan with each license application.


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