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East Coast Reflector Newsletter - January 24, 2022

- By Michael K2SHF

Thank you to all who checked in to the Morning Brew last week.

We asked the following questions.   As always, only answers with a tally of 2 or more were included below.  Thank you to Derby Dan for entering the data in real-time as well as tallying the results after each net.

What is your favorite spectator sport to watch?
Car Racing [17] | Football [9] | Baseball [7] | Hockey [7] | College Football [4]
Motorcycle Racing [4] | Rodeo [2] | Boat Racing [2] | Shooting [2] | Golf [2]

Fried chicken...  Dark, White, or Mixed?
Mixed [34] Dark [21] White [17] I Don't Like Fried Chicken [3] (What?!)

Do you still have your wisdom teeth?
No [40] | Yes [15] | One Left [3] | Two Left [2] | Three Left [3]


The following hams are celebrating a birthday this week.  Happy Birthday!

KA4WHT, Paul of Pembrook Pines, FL - Wednesday January 26th
KD2JPP, Bob of Gallatin, TN - Wednesday January 26th
KO4BMU, Mason of Harvest, AL - Friday January 28th
KO4UMQ, Woody of Baxter, KY - Friday January 28th
AE7I, Dr. Craig of Reno, NV - Sunday January 30th


HamCation will be here in a few weeks.  It takes place in Orlando, FL from Friday February 11 through Sunday February 13.  The East Coast Reflector is having a Meet & Greet on Saturday, February 12th at 10:15AM in the Pavillion Room CS-IV.  Check out the HamCation website for more information on the hamfest.  We hope as many of you as possible can join us!


ECHOLINK ECHOlink Echolink echolink echo echo ech...

So ya wanna do Echolink in your node, eh, Bub? Welp, let me say that Echolink is not so smooth to add, but it can be done.

First, there are two approaches. You could add Echolink to your main node, or you can add it to your Pseudo Node (1999, 1998 etc).

If you add it to your main node, the good news is anyone can connect directly to you. The bad news is anyone can connect directly to you. Say you're on the ECR and someone connects to you with Echolink. Now they're directly on the ECR, and there is such a thing as "drive-by" connections where stations around the world randomly pop on your node just to see who's out there. The ECR management currently discourages non-direct Echolink connections. They want to have Echolink users register and connect directly. This element is lost when your Allstar accepts random connections while you're connected to ECR. For that reason I recommend adding Echolink to your private node 1999, then you connect your main node to 1999 and you're patched in.

You need a -L or a -R Echolink account. These are called Sysops and hopefully you already have a non -L or -R Echolink account so you can go on to Echolink's website and validate your -L or -R Sysop node. By the way, -L is appropriate for simplex Links, -R for Repeaters. If you don't have any Echolink account, you have to apply for one and have it validated. This does NOT involve uploading a "Reference Copy" of your license, but rather using the Echolink website to upload a file you download through the FCC ULS site. Good luck, I have experienced much misery doing this.

Then you need your node number and password to Echolink. Chicken-and-egg situation. Download Echolink to your PC. You need to open the ports 5198-5199 UDP and 5200 TCP to your PC, log in to Echolink, wait a few minutes, search for yourself in the node list (sorted by callsign) and right-click on the node to get your node number. This is one way to get your node number and password.

NOW you can add Echolink to your node. Follow the instructions on and then you need to have Echolink ports forwarded to your node: 5198-5199 UDP and 5200 TCP. It's easy from here.

To connect to the Echolink echo test server 9999, you need to pad the Echolink node with leading 0s to make 6 digits. So 9999 is 009999 BUT Echolink also has a prefix of 3 so to connect you would use 3009999 to get there. At the Asterisk command line, it's 'rpt fun 1999 *33009999' assuming you have 1999 as your Echolink node, and don't forget to connect 1999 to your main node. And to disconnect it's 'rpt fun 1999 *13009999' and in Supermon you select 1999, then 3009999 and click connect.

To be clear, a connection to Echolink node looks like:
1234        use 3001234
12345      use 3012345
123456    use 3123456

OK, that's about it for Echolink. 73


Do you have any pets that help you make contacts on the air?  We want to see pictures of them!  Send an email to k2shf(at)arrl(dot)net with your pet pictures, their names, and any other information you think the readers would find interesting.

Mark, W5MHG, and his dog, Gracie.  Both of them check into the Morning Brew everyday.

"Gracie and I enjoy listening to the brew crew every morning.
W5MHG and w5gacie"

The following 3 pictures are the kitty cats belonging to Woody KO4UMQ.  Here's what he had to say...

"Here are my three cats, Parker, Boots & Socks, they love helping out.
Parker and Boots are rescue cats, they found their way onto our front porch 5 years ago and have been part of the family ever since. Parker is the Co-Queen of the house, my XYL Sherry is the Queen. Boots is my little buddy, he's a Tuxedo Minks and loves just hanging out while I'm on a Net. Socks is Parker's son and is 4 yrs old. He's the baby and is spoiled rotten, he has to be
part of anything I do, especially when I'm on the radio."



Do you have knowledge on a subject that would be of interest to the group?  Send Dick an email at wb2jpq(at)aol(dot)com letting him know that you'd like to present it to the group.  It's always fun to learn new things, and we always enjoy a presentation and a little bit of show and tell.  It doesn't need to be anything formal.  It doesn't need to be a certain amount of time.  Just show up on time and tell the group what you know about a particular subject.  Currently we are looking for somebody with experience working amateur satellites to do a presentation on getting started with that aspect of the hobby.  This is yet another way to get involved and give back to the ECR.

Is there a topic that interests you that you would like to learn more about?  Let me know by sending an email to k2shf(at)arrl(dot)net and I'll make a note of it and see if we can find someone willing to teach us all about it.


After the storm last week I was listening to a couple of guys discussing how much snow they had. When I looked them up we had a general amateur and an extra amateur. The general in the discussion says “I had a foot and a half of snow and it’s really tough shoveling.” The extra says you really need to be awfully careful not to get hurt out there shoveling that snow. “That’s a lot of snow you got, we only got between 16 and 18 inches.”  Just have to wonder??

Dick  WB2JPQ
Henry  WB4IVB
Emil  WA2UPK
Tony  W2KJV
Kevin  VE3BZ
Paul  W4END
David  KB4FXC
Kevin  KE7K
Mike  K2CMT
Michael  K2SHF
Steven  K2EJ
Keynon  KB5GLC

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System Fusion 44444, 92805
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HamShack Hotline 94049

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