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April 11, 2022


Thank you to all who checked in to the Morning Brew last week.

We asked the following questions.   As always, only answers with a tally of 2 or more were included below.  Thanks to Derby Dan (KD2VNU) for tallying the results after each net.


The following hams are celebrating a birthday this week.  Happy Birthday to you all!

N5DJP, Michael of New Caney, TX, has a birthday on April 12th
KG5UFR, Jacob of Dallas, TX, has a birthday on April 12th
W7DJL, Daniel of Gresham, OR, has a birthday on April 12th
N2VNM, David of Peru, NY, has a birthday on April 13th
VE3UC, Bill of Ontario, Canada, has a birthday on April 16th

YACHT NEWS for April 9, 2022
Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team, K8KDZ Sailing along radio waves
Connecting Young Hams, Creating Friendships, Expanding the Voice of Youth in Ham Radio
Inspiring Youth with Enjoyment & Technology of Ham Radio

NET REVIEW... Our Saturday youth nets continue to flourish with outstanding hams checking in.  The past net
had 15 young hams included.  Thanks to 2W0KYH, KN4VKY, KN4VKW, K0NNK, KC3OTG, KI5KGE, KD9RTI, YS1YXI, N8JJM, W0AAE, KE8RJU, KD9HGO, K0EFW, N7NFT, KE0ZNV.  I also commend all others who signed in for their support of YACHT.

CHAT SESSIONS... Monday & Tuesday 16 total connections.  These youth checked in:  KO4TZK Andrew, KE8TJU
Landon, YS1YXI Mily, KD2WTR Finn, N8JJM Joshua, KE8LQR Katie, KE0ZNV Lyle

YACHT MEMBER RESULT IN YOTA CONTEST... Congratulations to Grace KE8RJU [link]

LATE BREAKING NEWS... Katie KE8LQR has been accepted to YOTA summer camp in Cincinnati in June.  Along with Lyle, KE0ZNV, Grace KE8LQR, and Mily YS1YXI they are our YACHT members to enjoy this unique privilege.  This camp is for youth hams in North, Central, and South America.

YOTA SUMMER CAMP IN CROATIA... This year's worldwide camp will be held in Croatia.  If you are interested,
check out this link  [link]
This is separate from our region camp to be held in Cincinnati in June.

*YOUTH NET TO BEGIN* Let's support Katie as much as time allows.  She has given much support to YACHT and is a
great promoter of youth in ham radio. She will appreciate it... 

...Here are the details on the Ohio Section Youth Net that will be starting this weekend:

When: The second Sunday of every month at 7:30 PM EST, starting April 10th, 2022

Where: The K8IV repeater located in Kent, Ohio. (Echolink node K8BF-L) (RF: 146.895 Mhz  with PL 118.8)

Any licensed amateur radio operator is welcome to check in, priority will be given to young operators and
those located in Ohio.

*(Editors note:  echolink node is 614929)

Katie Campbell KE8LQR
Assistant Youth Ohio Section Coordinator
YLRL Youth Correspondent

NEW FCC APPLICATION FEE EXPLAINED... Michael KB9VBR explains the new fee structure for amateur radio that goes into effect on April 19  [link]

OUR NEWEST HAMILY... We are proud to announce the newest YACHT family of hams, the Rudy family from Kentucky. Twins Will KO4VLV, Alex KO4YFI, Mom KO4ZBV and Dad KO4LFZ

WELCOME NEW MEMBER... Our newest member is Trent Williams KO4PNT He is #400 and is 17. He is our 29th new member (adult & youth) in 2022.

*WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY*... The date is April 18 and the event will be observed worldwide.. [link]

ROOKIE ROUNDUP AHEAD... The ARRL SSB Rookie Roundup is scheduled for Sunday, April 10. The usual HF bands
will be used.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS... Logan N4LLC celebrates his special day on April 8.

FEEL GOOD MUSIC... Watch and listen to this awesome group, One Voice Children's Choir. You'll be dancing too.
[link] Watch full screen if you can.

CAR CLUB HONORS ANTHONY... The Spokane Pharaohs car club honored him on his 1st photo showing with a drive by.. this is so cool  [link]
And here is a photo and comment from his Mom on the 1st car he has ever purchased. He also has a '57 Ford that was given to him. Even though he is only 14, he has earned enough from sale of his hard cover book and calendar.  A special youth for sure.  [link]
Ed Engleman KG8CX 



Thanks to Matt, N2YCK, we have three new repeaters on the ECR system severing the Rochester area.

The repeaters are located on a hill in the town of Rush, NY, which is south of Rochester. 

The repeaters are as follows:
145.350  -0.6MHz  110.9Hz
224.020  -1.6MHz  110.9Hz
443.750  +5MHz  110.9Hz

Hopefully we can get the word out to our Rochester users that have not had access since 146.790 went down last November.

World Amateur Radio Day is April 18
Taken from The ARRL Letter dated April 7, 2022

World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) is April 18 and is celebrated worldwide by radio amateurs and their national associations, which are organized as member-societies of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

It was on this day in 1925 that the IARU was formed in Paris. American Radio Relay League (today, ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio) co-founder Hiram Percy Maxim was its first president.

"On World Amateur Radio Day, all radio amateurs are invited to take to the airwaves to enjoy our global friendship with other amateurs, and to promote our skills and capabilities to the public," said Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R, ARRL Director of Public Relations and Innovation. "Use the backdrop of World Amateur Radio Day to describe and demonstrate ham radio to family, friends, and co-workers." While WARD falls on a Monday this year, Inderbitzen encourages amateurs and radio clubs to extend the celebration to include the weekend, or even all week. "Some radio clubs will even seek a proclamation from their town or state government, designating the period to recognize the contributions of radio amateurs to our communities, and the overall importance of our Amateur Radio Service," he said.

ARRL reports that there are more than 775,000 hams in the US. ARRL also supports a nationwide network of 2,400 affiliated radio clubs. "Radio clubs provide opportunities for newcomers to discover radio and to become ham radio operators," said Inderbitzen. "Clubs develop the personal radio communications capability of their members, operating together or from their home stations, in portable settings, and from nearly anywhere." Inderbitzen also highlighted that among the primary purposes of the Amateur Radio Service is to enhance international goodwill. "Radio amateurs use radio signals, which reach beyond borders, to bring people together culturally while providing essential communication in service to their communities."

More information and resources for participating in and promoting World Amateur Radio Day, can be found at:

ARRL | www.arrl.org/world-amateur-radio-day

IARU | www.iaru.org/on-the-air/world-amateur-radio-day

Use the ARRL Special Event Stations listing to find on-air events by entering "World Amateur Radio Day" in the keyword search. On social media, use the hashtags #WorldAmateurRadioDay, #hamradio, and #ARRL.


We are trying to give 27339 a break by asking members of our core group to switch from 27339 to 45225.  Core group members are simply those who are connected to the ECR 24/7.  If this sounds like you, please try connecting to 45225 from now on.  Thank you.


If you have anything you would like to write about, please send it to me at k2shf(at)arrl(dot)net so that I may publish it in the newsletter.  Without your articles, we have no newsletter.  There is no long-term commitment implied when you submit an article to me.  You can write once or have a column that does not have to be updated every single week.  We realize people have lives outside of the ECR.  So, send me stuff!  Thanks.

Henry WB4IVB
Tony W2KJV
Kevin VE3BZ
Paul W4END
David KB4FXC
Kevin KE7K
Mike K2CMT
Michael K2SHF
Steve K2EJ
Keynon KB5GLC
IRLP  9050
AllStar  27339, 45192, 45225
Echolink WB2JPQ-R(57780), WB2JPQ-L(375103)
DMR Brandmeister 3129973
System Fusion 44444, 92805
DStar XRF(XLX)256E
HamShack Hotline 94049
P25 31582  NEW!!
M17 M17-ECR Module A  NEW!!

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