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June 6, 2022


Thank you to all who checked in to the Morning Brew.  The following are answers to some of our recent daily questions.

We asked the following questions.   As always, only answers with a tally of 2 or more were included below.  Thanks to Derby Dan (KD2VNU) for his hard work in logging the answers and tallying the results after each net.


The following hams are celebrating a birthday over the next week.  Happy Birthday to you all!

KD2UZT, Kenn of Massapequa NY, has a birthday on June 6th
KD2ETG, Leo of Buffalo NY, has a birthday on June 12th

Would you like your birthday recognized in the Newsletter and on the air during the Tech Net?  Just send an email to Michael, K2SHF, with your callsign and birthdate.  Your birthday will then be added to our spreadsheet.


Here is some information about the 444.9875 repeater (PL 123.0)……

Repeater is a 50 watt Vertex 9000 into a TX-RX combiner (measuring 62 watts at the combiner).

Antennas are Andrews DB420-B at 650’ on the WCJB-TV tower (6220 NW 43rd Street in Gainesville).

Located near the northern border of Gainesville, the coordinates for the tower are:  29-42-43.0 N and -82-23-25.0 W with a ground elevation of 54.9 feet.

Repeater controller is a CAT 700 with a Repeater Builder’s RIM-Lite V2 and a Raspberry Pi 3 as a “remote base” on the second port.

The map below shows a conservative mobile coverage of the repeater.  Actual tests with a 50 watt mobile and 5/8 Larsen antenna indicated about 50% larger than indicated.  Mobile stations have actually used the repeater from as far north as the Georgia border, south of Ocala (near Belleview) and northeast just south of Jacksonville (NAS Jacksonville between Middleburg & Jacksonville).

When using a high power (50 watt) mobile and gain antenna under good conditions or a base station, the pattern appears to be closer to this:

Repeaterbook has been updated with the information showing AllStar and East Coast Reflector affiliation.    Complete repeater(s) information is available on my website at https://kc4mhh.com with links to the various pages including a custom page for the new AllStar features.

Equipment is (beginning at top of the left rack):

Old UHF Duplexer for 444.9875  (repeater is now on combiner system)
Vertex VXR-9000 on 444.9875  Analog/AllStar
CAT 700, AllStar controllers (behind blank plate)

UHF 100 Watt amplifier for 444.8375 DMR
Hytera RD-982i Analog/DMR repeater (BrandMeister) on 444.8375

Araknis AN-300-RT router
Cable modem & AC power outlets behind blank panel

50 Watt amplifer for GMRS
5 Watt Kenwood TKR-740-2 GMRS Repeater on 462.550 (PL 141.3)  Open repeater (listed on MyGMRS.Com)

Pair of Motorola MaxTrak 50 with Cat 100 controller on 146.850 (50 watts – PL 123.0))

60 amp power supply
Duplexers for 146.850 repeater

In the right rack:

Vertex VXR-7000, 50 watts on 147.270  (PL 123.0)
CAT 300DX controller

Backup Luxel router

Bridgecom BCR-50V DMR repeater (with Repeater Builder’s MMDVM).   50 watts on 146.640
6 bay VHF duplexer for 146.640 repeater.

Duplexers for 147.270 repeater.


New to the ECR Zoom Room...

The Swap N Shop – every 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm Eastern Time

Hosted and moderated in the MAIN Zoom Room by Scott W2BLT, Ben K8BWK, and Tom KE3GK

Sell, Swap and Buy Ham radio related items.

Shop opens June 16th 2022 at 8pm Eastern Time.


June 2 NRAU 10-Meter Activity Contest (CW, phone, digital)
June 2 SKCC Sprint Europe (CW)
June 2-5 PODXS 070 Club Three Day Contest (digital)
June 3 HA3NS Sprint Memorial Contest (CW)
June 4 10-10 International Open Season PSK Contest (digital)
June 4 Wake-Up! QRP Sprint (CW)
June 4-5  KANHAM Contest (CW, phone)
June 4-5  Tisza Cup CW Contest (CW)
June 4-5  Kentucky QSO Party (CW, phone, digital)
June 4-5  UKSMG Summer Contest (CW, phone, RTTY)
June 4-5  IARU Region 1 Field Day (CW)
June 4-5  RSGB National Field Day (CW)
June 4-5 ARRL International Digital Contest (digital, no RTTY)
June 5 All Cookie Crumble QRP Contest (CW, phone, digital)
June 6 OK1WC Memorial (MWC) (CW)
June 6 RSGB 80-Meter Club Championship, (data digital)
June 7 ARS Spartan Sprint (CW)
June 8 NAQCC CW Sprint (CW)
June 8 VHF-UHF FT8

Visit the ARRL Contest Calendar for more events and information.

YACHT NEWS for June 4, 2022 - By Captain Ed KG8CX

Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team, K8KDZ Sailing Through Radio Waves
Connecting Young Hams, Creating Friendships, Expanding the Voice of Youth in Ham Radio
Inspiring Youth with Enjoyment & Technology of Ham Radio


NET REVIEW... Another exceptional youth net in the log.  Great to hear these young hams:  2W0KYH, K0EFW, KE8RJU, KE8IKS, KC3RAP, KO4SGC, KC3OTG, KO4TZK, KL5IS, VU3EWP, KE8RJU, KI5JXQ, KE8LQR, K0NNK, KE0ZNV, KN4VKW and all others who spent a few minutes of their evening with us.

CHAT SESSIONS... Friday May 27:  Good response with these youth:  KC3RAP, K0NNK, KE8LQR, KE0ZNV, KE8TYU, KE8TJU, KI5JXQ and others for a total of 12 connections.  Monday:  9 stations on a slow evening, KE8LQR, KE8RJU, KE8TJU, KC3RAP, KE0ZNV  plus KF4RHZ, K5NO.  Tuesday:  Another slow session, only 6 stations heard:  KC3RAP, K5DCC, KE8LQR, KE8TYU, YS1YXI, K5NO.
Be sure and give us some of your time this evening.  I appreciate your connections and your audio/chat box comments.  If you wish, tell us about your summer activities, which for some of you are substantial.  Let's at least double our  Tuesday numbers.

YOTA SUMMER CAMP ALMOST HERE... June 12-17 is the time span for this much anticipated youth event at West Chester township, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati.  At this time I am aware of 5 YACHT members selected and planning to attend.  This link gives you all the relevant info https://youthontheair.org/cincinnati-2022/

HAM YL'S ENJOYING HF... https://www.facebook.com/JaimyLuft/videos/529397792008595

HAMVENTION PHOTOS FROM ARRL... Enjoy these many views of Hamvention, maybe you'll see someone you know  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10159215645747408

YOUNG GIRL AMAZES JUDGES... This young girl, age 9, on Britain's Got Talent  https://youtu.be/KKFo_YXjTkw
sings up a storm.

DYG/YACHT NET... Collin's Sunday evening net brought in at least 12 check ins.  Meganets is now linked in 7 evenings a week, so is a viable alternative to the YACHT node.  Collin has a new net that he would like you to know about.  Here is his info below...


..."We are going to run a new BIG net, the biggest thing we have ever did! Join the Digital Youth Net on Saturday 3 PM CDT 4 PM EDT 20:00 UTC on the DoDropIn system! We expect the net to have 50+ check-ins!

Join the DoDropIn system via these ways:

Echolink Primary (DODROPIN) 355800
Echolink Backup (DODROPN2) 605013
AllStarLink/EastCoastNode(North Carolina )52879
AllStarLink / Midwest Node (Texas) 52782
YSF Reflector 83286/00-DoDropIn
HamShack Hotline 94116
DMR (TGIF) 326
IRLP 9616

So now, a YACHT connected echolink net is held every evening at 7pm CDST, plus now 3 on Saturday.  But don't forget the Sat. afternoon HF net on 20 meters somewhere around 14.310 +/- qrm.  And many of our youth and others work SSB, CW, Satellites, FT8, etc.... Many opportunities for young hams to get some excellent radio action somewhere on the ham spectrum.  Listen to our chat sessions for Collin to give further info on this new net.

NEW YOUTH MEMBER... Welcome to Char KI5TRQ age 17 from Sugarland, TX. She is #411.  Check out her QRZ page. Thanks to Collin K0NNK for directing her to us.  She is also a member of his DYG youth group, and will connect up to us soon.  Our growth has been phenominal so far, 38 new youth this year.

PEARSON BOYS FORUM VIDEO... This video premiered on the "Ham Radio Adventure Guy" you tube page on Monday afternoon.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0EMbkfuDQ0

BIRTHDAY WISHES...  to Brayden "Big Red" KI5VLG http://www.qrz.com/db/ki5vlg
also to Matthew WG0ATS on June 5.

MEMORIAL DAY SCOUT... Photo of Abbi KC3OTG (center) in her city's parade.  She wears the radio patch on her sleeve.

CALLING CQ ON A REPEATER...This appeared in one of my ham radio feeds  http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2022/may/foundations-of-amateur-radio-28-05-2022.htm#.YpNQFFTMI2w

EAST COAST REFLECTOR... The current issue of their newsletter with team member Michael K2SHF as the editor.  You can also read our previous edition of YACHT NEWS.  Remember they are also linked in on Wednesday evening to our node.  They cover multiple repeaters and links throughout the U.S.  http://news.eastcoastreflector.com/

HAMVENTION FORUM AMATEUR RADIO YOUTH OUTREACH... This one is especially good  https://youtu.be/QZco6tElKBc
Thanks to Collin K0NNK for providing the link.

YOUNG HAM IN UK... Here is M7HJR Henry James  http://www.qrz.com/db/m7hjr

COLT CLARK & QUARENTINE KIDS... Here are those delightful kids again playing a Beatles tune  https://youtu.be/zw2bYFkydEY

RC JETS FLYING IN GERMANY... This video of F16 Falcon radio controlled jets are fascinating and just awesome.  https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=728909034975909

Ed Engleman KG8CX 


Henry WB4IVB
Tony W2KJV
Kevin VE3BZ
Paul W4END
David KB4FXC
Kevin KE7K
Mike K2CMT
Michael K2SHF
Steve K2EJ
Keynon KB5GLC
Caleb KO4UYJ
IRLP  9050
AllStar  27339, 45192, 45225
Echolink WB2JPQ-R(57780), WB2JPQ-L(375103)
DMR Brandmeister 3129973
System Fusion 44444, 92805
DStar XRF(XLX)256E
HamShack Hotline 94049
P25 31582, 9050
M17 M17-ECR Module A
Hams Over IP 15001 new!!!

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